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The following comments were made by recent Institute of Holistic Nutrition students of introductory Ayurveda, regarding their educational experience with Ayurveda, the world’s oldest holistic health science, at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition (Vancouver campus) during 2011:

“It gives light to a whole philosophy, an effective track record over years. Most of all, Ayurveda brings balance. I’m a Libra, so I crave balance in everything.”

“Ayurveda is such a new concept to me; it’s tapping into a side of me that I’ve never tried to reach before. I love that Ayurveda takes into account the body, mind and immortal soul. I also find uplifting that if a person suffering may hear from a medical doctor that their condition is ‘incurable’, that same person can direct himself toward an Ayurvedic practitioner and find that through rebalancing their life, they can so often regain their health”.

“To me, Ayurveda is getting to know the truth of myself, which is connected with you and all that exists. I love Ayurveda, it is allowing me to re-discover my spirit and remember my Self (Purusha)!”

“Ayurveda is teaching me a way of thought, perception and love. It’s so powerful to understand that as a person is going through a ‘rajasic’ state, I can still love them and demonstrate that as growth for my learning. I was drawn to this school because I felt it had more to offer the world, but I didn’t have a belief system. Ayurveda is showing me what I’ve been searching for, and it unfolds in my everyday world. This will continue after classes come to an end. I love how everything comes together in Ayurveda, and how it can expand into such depth. My learning of Ayurveda has just begun, and in my future travels, I’ll greatly explore the qualities of our world and my internal world. I love Ayurveda because we cannot forget it, as it is everyday with us, surrounding us. Thank you!”

“I feel like Ayurveda is something I innately understand and is a science I would like to continue to practice and learn at a deeper level. I plan to take the advanced Ayurvedic studies program after completing my nutrition course.”

“I enjoy Ayurveda because of the principal of balance and its linkage or connection to our surroundings. I like how it’s into nature and how we’re all unique but connected in every way. I enjoy that we are taught how to balance ourselves by discovering what causes the imbalances. I like that it treats on the individual level, which is more personal.”

“I like that the methods of Ayurveda are applied to the individual, not the disease. Ayurveda seems intuitive in its approach. I like that Ayurveda begins from the premise that we all possess the power to heal ourselves; we just need reminding at times to know how to do so.”

“Ayurveda integrates all aspects of health and life, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The language is based around the necessary steps to optimal health, rather than simply naming the dis-ease.”

“Ayurveda is fascinating and I really enjoy learning about it, as it helps to understand who we are and why our minds and bodies react as they do. Ayurveda tells a lot about ourselves and provides ways to understand diseases, and how they develop, as well as how to prevent them.”

“Ayurveda takes into consideration more than just the ‘physical’ elements of health. I believe that in order to have good health, our mental and spiritual elements must also be taken care of and Ayurveda addresses this.”

“It is a science that dates back over 5,000 years. It is well practiced, practical and spiritual. Ayurveda focuses on the root cause and not the symptoms of disease. It sheds light on the importance of a daily routine, regular eating, yoga, breathing, self-massage, etc. Listen thoughtfully to what your being is telling you, see what it is showing you, feel what it is sensing, and you are well able to maintain a balance right for you. It is individualized. It is relevant. It is old and it is current. Ayurveda is a connection to the cosmic forces, realizing that you are a microcosm among the macrocosm.”

“Ayurveda is a science that looks at the whole person. It does not try to ‘cure’ a specific symptom. Instead its aim is to get you back into balance with your Prakruti. It does this through soul, mind and body, therefore your thoughts, level of satva and connection with Purusha are an ultimate goal. To me, this is truly freeing, beautiful and full of love and ease. This approach is so much easier and feels so right. It ends the vicious cycle of ‘healing symptoms’ that one does in the western medical system.”

“I enjoy Ayurveda because it is applicable to all aspects of life and has the power to heal all aspects of life.”

“Studying Ayurveda helps me understand myself and others, and understand better about the depth of wisdom in God, nature and the universe. Also, from a business perspective, it gives me hope and reassurance for helping in the process of people’s healing.”

“Ayurveda is truly holistic and looks first to emotional/psychological imbalance. It does not label someone with a disease, but rather empowers with knowledge and self-understanding, so one can make choices to help bring back balance. It is also greatly focused on prevention and early intervention rather than on waiting until a disease is clearly visible and nameable, as in allopathic medicine. It is also about self-responsibility and discipline, which I feel are greatly lacking in our culture of pills, external diagnoses and ‘cures’. I’m excited because it brings together and provides a framework for understanding many of my conflicts and issues with classic nutritional approaches to health which do not recognize the individual nature of people and how that changes with time, environment, stress, etc.”

“I enjoy Ayurveda because it is so incredibly fascinating. I’m learning so much about myself and the others around me. I love the feeling of ‘wholeness’ that comes along with Ayurveda and the awareness of the universe that is developing.”

“Ayurvedic medical science is a comprehensive approach to health and well being, taking into consideration the physical and spiritual aspects of an organism, and consolidating both into one complex system, which requires a lot of interaction, listening, observing of the person, rather than seeking a quick professional fix.”

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