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What Others Have Said

“Jaisri is a wonderful teacher with a beautiful, gentle energy. She brought the material to life and her wealth of experience was inspiring. The workshop was excellent!”

S.A. Nurse

“Thank you so much for coming to teach us. Your course met all our expectations and also went beyond them. It was a perfect balance of theory and practical learning that did a great job in helping me learn the foundations of this art.”

S.V. Engineer

“I found this seminar superceded my expectations. I feel so blessed to have done this study, and that I can now give a Marma therapy session; this profound study has only just begun. Jaisri, you are awesome! You have so much knowledge and intuition!”

M.F. Counselor

“Thank you, Jaisri, for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. It was a great systematic and practical approach. You created a very calm and nurturing environment. I really liked the examples to help remember the protocols. This study helped to solidify all the prior therapist trainings I’ve done.”

C.N. Yoga Therapist

“The knowledge was given a a tactile way, a tangible way. I appreciated the patience by Jaisri for all my questions. I was happy that we discussed the pulses as this topic fascinates me. Thank you for taking the time to include this in the seminar.

O.H. Registered Massage Therapist

“I was very excited to learn this ‘secret’ knowledge and my experience was amazingly positive! You possess such a gentle way of transmitting the wisdom. I now understand the vast content of the course better. Thank you for coming from so far to share your light!”

J.P.L. Tutor

“This class was very great. It was a good idea and the knowledge I gained was excellent. Now I just want to learn the Sanskrit words more. The charts helped a lot. Thank you, Jaisri.”

M.P. Physiotherapist, Mother of Four

“I do think the yoga teacher training was so deeply blessed by your presence and guidance, and had such profound impact on so many, not only the Ayurveda, but specifically your integrity and your humble embodiment of divine love. I truly honor your good heart, Jaisri.”

E.G.R. - Feldenkrais/Yoga Therapist and Instructor

Thank you, thank you for introducing me to Ayurveda. It brings me so much joy every day.

P.W., Ayurvedist

“Your class was thorough, thoughtful and clear.”

G.H., Composer

“I have had occasion to participate in classes taught by Ms. Lambert, and I can say that, with her deep knowledge, enthusiasm and clarity, she is one of the very few outstanding western teachers of Ayurveda today.”

D.S., Musician, Teacher

“Thank you so much for being here and sharing your love and knowledge. Please come back.”

N.T., Student

“Thank you Jaisri for giving your knowledge, your time, your science and for introducing us to Ayurveda...I am honored to be your student.”

A.P., Chef

“Jaisri is possibly the foremost authority on Ayurveda in Canada. She really knows her stuff. It works!!”

J.A. Health Counselor

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