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An Ayurveda health consultation is an in-depth interview to understand your constitutional tendencies and support your optimum health strategies, with a focus on internal medicine and right use of time (“Dina Charya”). Jaisri’s approach is founded in the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of Ayurveda, and a sincere desire to share her acquired knowledge for maintaining holistic health through natural methods. *

Many people come to natural therapy only after modern methods fall short. However, side effects must first be corrected before long-standing problems can be rectified. Though Ayurveda is a very sophisticated science, its simple, logical ways of self-healing are slow-acting, yet very effective and without side effects.

“I feel education is the answer,” says Jaisri. “Both individual consultations and group seminars empower people to understand ancient principles of wellness for daily living, both for themselves and their families. Ayurveda is for all humanity, not just one nation or group. Though it is a very sophisticated and subtle science, simple and effective ways of self-healing can easily be applied in our modern stressful lives.”

What to Expect

Please prepare a complete list of your concerns, health history and an outline of your daily routine. Please include copies of any recent relevant medical reports. We will consider your food choices, genetic influences and lifestyle influences.

Come prepared to be empowered through understanding how ancient Ayurvedic principles of wellness apply in our modern stressful lives to maintain and improve your quality of life. Pulse reading and other assessment tools will be used to help co-create your unique Ayurvedic health program. Initial appointments may take two hours or more and are pro-rated according to the time spent. Follow-up is according to individual needs and circumstances.

  Your Investment

Ayurveda Consultations pay the best dividends of your health dollar. Take advantage of Jaisri's many years of experience in personal consultations, where her extensive knowledge of herbology and internal medicine serves your health needs.

In-person (usually two hours) and telephone consultations (usually one hour advance preparation and one hour telephone time) are available to help determine your Ayurvedic Prakruti and Vikruti, the foundation of your Ayurvedic wellness program. Investment: $310 CDN + G.S.T. for Canadian residents / 2 hr. session.

For your consultation appointment, or to attend as a student for clinical skill development, please call Jaisri at 604-290-8201 or e-mail Jaisri (

Telephone consultations and follow-ups are pro-rated hourly. Billing applies to telephone time, email time, review, research, report and letter writing, preparation, follow-up, and file maintenance such as copying, searching, etc.

If necessary to change your appointment, no charge will be made when 48 hrs. notice is given. (Previous Friday for Monday appointments, please).

What Others Have Said

"Jaisri practices Ayurveda in a deeply compassionate way. She is extremely well versed in the Ayurvedic field of knowledge. The compassionate expression of that knowledge is what separates her from most practitioners. In arriving at a treatment plan she takes into account me as a person and what I am able to commit to as well as the imbalance or "disease" that needs addressing. She has been and continues to be the joint guardian of my health and she and I working together over the past 30 years has resulted in this very healthy 70 year old; unfolding health on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. I am deeply grateful."

Psychotherapist, Yoga practitioner

"Jaisri Lambert is an extraordinary Ayurvedic practitioner and healer. She is always available to discuss any aspect of the mutually agreed upon treatment plan, be it the physical, emotional, spiritual or the mental aspects. She recently created a treatment plan that enabled me to reduce the abnormal thickening of my uterine wall and hence not to need to go on with western treatments of abortion drugs to dilate the cervix which would be accompanied by severe cramping for approximately two days and then inserting a straw into the uterus to suck out tissue for a biopsy and then who knows what else. To have a reduction in the thickness of my uterine walls of 80% in a little more than 3 months of following her treatment plan  was truly physically impressive. More than that she was available for anything that came up during the months that I was following the treatment plan. She has been my practitioner for about 25 years and I attribute my extraordinary health at age 68 to our co-authoring my health plans for that time. She truly has my best interest at heart and the knowledge and drive to enable me to express my healthiest self."

Insurance Agent and Yoga Teacher (retired)

“It was so wonderful to see you and hear you today. Such a wonderfully sweet and beneficent presence. You have become so intuitive and even psychic. It is incredible. You rely on a well practiced knowledge of Ayurveda, but your diagnostics are pure perception and intuition, and I was amazed as you were able to feel my pulse and comment all along and discuss with me while observing. Absolutely amazing. Same thing with dear ‘S’, without me telling you anything in advance, you got to the important point right away. As you said, it is all about love. this work is pure love.”

C.A., Ph.D., retired computer specialist and editor

“You certainly bring a tremendous presence to your work. Not only do I feel that you can address the physical issues, you also have a gift with regard to addressing the other realms that all contribute to the state of a person’s health: spiritual, mental, emotional, etc. (While on the program you suggested), the skin inflammations were almost entirely gone, save in the elbow and knee creases. The eyes were almost completely back to normal .... The stools were quite solid, reduced to about 2-4 daily. I was sleeping quite well, often getting 9-10 hrs night after night. What a wonderful development!”

J.G., Chiropractor

“I would like to take a moment and recommend an amazing healer who is in your midst in the Vancouver area. Recently relocated to the White Rock area (from California), Jaisri Lambert has that rare combination of brilliance and deep intuition that makes an extraordinary healer.

Jaisri Lambert has an uncanny gift of going right to the core of the issue be it spiritual, physical or emotional. Add to that her deep studies of Ayurvedic knowledge and a heart as big as the sky …well, you can relax and breathe a sigh of relief and know you are in the right place at the right time.

This very special woman may just be the answer to your prayers to guide you through a health issue or to assist someone else you know that might be looking for a greater path to wellness. Discovering the right healer can change your life!

Lastly if you are thinking about beginning your own study of Ayurvedic Medicine then you have also found a gifted and excellent teacher.”

K.R.W., Visionary prophet and vocalist

"When my father saw the results of your treatment of my mother who was diabetic, he now wants to get his own personalized Ayurvedic consultation.”

R.A., Software Engineer

“We traveled hundreds of miles to consult with Jaisri Lambert. The on-going healing benefits are a gift.”

H.C., Psychologist/Social worker/Yoga instructor and
M.B., Artist.

“..... A beautiful balance of science and spirituality...your sweet speech and compassion provide an inspiring example.”

C.Y., Designer & Cancer Survivor

“Thank you so much for such an amazing consultation. It is a pleasure to meet and work with someone who has such dedication, knowledge, insight and love. I can’t wait to come back for a follow-up visit.”

K.L., Therapist

“I am growing in respect for the herbs, and for a profession which should be more utilized by all. You have just given me more strength. I feel so loved and blessed, and will heed your words very carefully.”

N.S., Administrator

I have to report that I am still feeling so well since my appointment with you. I can't believe is so good to finally have my innards working well.”

M.M,. Retired teacher

“I'm extremely happy to report that my colonoscopy went great. I opted to stay awake and was able to see my internals. Very interesting. I can thank Ayurveda for my colon health, and you, Jaisri!

L.L., Ceramist/Designer

"Jaisri is a very competent, thorough, a good listener, and highly intuitive. If she ever takes your pulse you will feel that she is right inside there checking things out in a way that no western doctor can.”


"I send my appreciation for your time, and gratitude for your training—a gift of healing."

B.M.B., Teacher/Counselor

* Ayurveda is the world’s oldest holistic medical science. The information on this web site is for educational use only and not intended to prescribe, diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases or replace medical attention. Statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada or by the F.D.A.

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