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Intermediate and Advanced Services

These Ayurvedic trainings are designed for those students with a background understanding of Ayurveda. Choose from the following options, or suggest one tailored to your group’s interests. A minimum of 10 students is suggested for these seminars.

Clinical Assessment Seminars:

Clinical Asssessment Skills Level I 108 hrs

This practicum format centers on individual patient assessment including face, tongue, chakras, pulse, emotions, etc. Health programs are tailored to each patient and involve lifestyle adaptation and follow-up. Patients benefit from student rate consultations while enjoying experienced professional supervision. This class is open to intermediate students. Suggested Student Tuition $1,080 Prepaid

Clinical Assessment Skills Level II 108 hrs

This practicum continues to expose students to more complex cases and challenges them to participate in generating individualized Ayurvedic health programs, under the instructor’s mentorship. prerequisite is the Clinical Assessment Skills Level I. Suggested Student Tuition: $1,080 Prepaid

Clinical Assessment Skills Level III 108 hrs

Level III offers deeper exposure to subtle assessment techniques and proven treatment methods from Ayurveda. prerequisite is successful completion of the Clinical Assessment Skills Levels I and II. This series is a prerequisite for Spa Therapies Training. Suggested Student Tuition: $1,080 Prepaid

Turiya Therapy Seminars:

Turiya Therapy Level I 13 hrs
Learn the “General Session”, an Introduction to Turiya Therapy including Basic Concepts, Assessment Techniques, Chakra Balancing, Marma Points, Cranial Protocols, Mind/Body Principles, and much more. Turiya Therapy has its roots in Polarity Therapy and Ayurvedic medicine, and recognizes unresolved emotions as pathogens while offering powerful hands-on techniques for emotional healing. California State Approved. Rhode Island State Approved Fri. 6 to 9 pm, Sat. 10 am to 6 pm, Sun, 2 pm to 6 pm. Suggested Student Tuition: $450 Prepaid

Turiya Therapy Level II 39 hrs

This training introduces the student to the basic “Doshas” of Ayurveda: Vata (Air principle), Pitta (Fire principle) and Kapha (Earth principle) and their respective balancing protocols in Marma Chikitsa (trigger point therapy). This program is suited to those with some knowledge of Ayurveda who want to deepen their clinical bodywork practice. More than six new protocols and techniques are introduced to complement the “General Session” and provide powerful healing for your clients. California State Approved, Rhode Island State Approved. Mon.-Fri. 9 am to 6 pm or three consecutive weekends. Suggested Student Tuition: $1350 Prepaid

Turiya Therapy Level III 200 hrs

This in-depth professional development program focuses on each sub-dosha and its respective balancing protocol(s) in Marma Chikitsa. Students learn how each dosha expresses as five unique psycho-biological systems, harmonious with each other in health and disharmonious in disease. This popular, life-changing seminar includes Assessment Techniques such as face, tongue and pulse reading, innovative bodywork concepts such as “Gridwork” developed by Jaisri Lambert, Sanskrit names for specific marmas, and much, much more. The convenient apprenticeship format includes 9 weekend classes, written assignments and 150 hrs. of student practicum. Graduates can integrate this training into existing bodywork skills or create a new healing practice. California State Approved. Suggested Student Tuition: $4500 Prepaid

Herbology Seminars:

Ayurvedic Herbology Level I (Introduction) 30 hrs

Introduction to the basic principles of Kaya Chikitsa (internal medicine) including Samprapti (pathogenesis), “Rasa’ (taste), ‘Virya’ (thermal effect), ‘Vipak’ (post-digestion) and ‘Prabha’ (exceptional effect), about 20 basic medicinal plants of Ayurveda, tips on administering herbal medicines, spices as medicine and much more. Mon. to Fri. 10 am to 6 pm or three consecutive weekends. Suggested Student Tuition $595 Prepaid

Ayurvedic Herbology Level II (Intermediate) 30 hrs

Intermediate studies of herbal and mineral medicines goes deeper into Dravya Gunya (qualitative analysis of substances), 20 more medicinal plants, their indications, contra-indications, herbal classifications and preparations, and much more. Prerequisite is successful completion of the Ayurvedic Herbology Level I. Mon.-Fri. 9 am to 6 pm or three consecutive weekends. Suggested Student Tuition $595 Prepaid

Ayurvedic Herbology Level III (Advanced) 30 hrs

Advanced studies of herbal and mineral medicines. Learn the secrets of herbal combinations, pastes, recipes and specific remedies. This program features peer review of student practicum examples. Prerequisite is successful completion of Ayurvedic Herbology Levels I and II. This is a prerequisite for the Spa Therapies Seminars. Mon. through Fri. 9 am to 6pm or 3 consecutive weekends. Suggested Student Tuition: $595 Prepaid

Pulse Assessment Seminars:

This overview and practicum is based on the seven-level pulse interpretation method as taught by Vaidya Vasant D. Lad. B.A.M.S., MA.Sc. The class covers the Prakruti/Vikruti paradigm, Manas, Dhatus, Sub-Doshas, Ojas/Tejas/Prana, and much more. Required text is “Secrets of the Pulse”, by Dr. V. Lad, Ayurvedic Institute Press.

Pulse Assessment in Ayurveda Level I 48 hrs

This seminar includes teaching examples and introduces you to the seven basic levels of the pulse. You will learn the basic Prakruti/Vikruti pulses, the Dhatu and Sub-Dosha pulses and the subtle cellular pulses of Ojas, Tejas and Prana. These classes can be taken in a week-long format from Friday to Friday, 10 am to 1 pm and 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm, or over four consecutive weekends: Friday 6 to 9 pm, Saturday 10 am to 5:30 pm, and Sunday 2 pm to 5:30 pm. Minimum 10 participants, maximum 20 participants. It is recommended to take this course several times. Required Text: Secrets of the Pulse by Vaidya Vasant D. Lad, M.A.Sc. Suggested Student Tuition: $920 Prepaid

Pulse Assessment in Ayurveda Level II 30 hrs

This intermediate level seminar focuses on the sub-dosha pulses and their qualitative and quantitative imbalances. Learn the third and fifth level indicators and restorative mantras. Prerequisite is successful completion of Pulse Assessment I. It is recommended to take this class more than once to assimilate the complex, subtle findings through this classical pulse reading method. Suggested Student Tuition: $595 Prepaid

Pulse Assesment in Ayurveda Level III 30 hrs

This advanced level seminar includes a review of previous materials and takes the student deeper into diagnostic variables according to Ayurveda. Classroom teaching examples provide opportunities for students to verify their clinical findings. Prerequisite is successful completion of Pulse Assessment II. It is recommended to take this series several times to assimilate the complex, subtle findings through this classical pulse reading method. Suggested Student Tuition: $595 Prepaid

Spa Therapies Seminars:

The popularity of Ayurvedic treatment in spas has increased because of the proven efficacy behind these traditional treatments. Jaisri has been teaching in a spa setting since 1992. Her programs bridge east and west, distilling the very best techniques and of classical Ayurveda for safe introduction into your spa. Watch your profits soar as you put these therapies on your menus! Students must be qualified massage therapists in their location. This class is best taught Monday 10 am to Friday 6pm. Showers, linens, massage tables and registration are provided by the sponsor.

Ayurvedic Spa Therapies: 36 hrs

This practical, hands-on seminar week offers skill development for spa therapists in the following Ayurvedic treatments:

Abhyanga: 24 hrs

ABHYANGA (dual oil massage) involves the application of individually selected oils by two highly trained and synchronous therapists. Oil massage has for thousands of years played an important role in Ayurvedic health care. Beyond the immediate benefits of moisturizing and nourishing the skin, your oils deeply transmit their qualities to both the physiological and psychological levels. The oils’ unctuousness antidotes today’s stresses. Abhyanga is useful for all ages and stress levels and serves to strengthen the tissues and prevent disease. Its purpose is to help loosen and relocate “doshas” to the G.I. tract for elimination. Learn the basic method of Ayurvedic therapeutic massage, oils and their properties, assessment skills, dual and single methods, indications, contra-indications, abdominal organ massage, marma points and much more. Suggested Student tuition $450 Prepaid

Swedan Therapy: 6 hrs

SWEDAN is a fomentation or steam treatment that induces light sweating to support detoxification, relaxation and rejuvenation. Herbal substances or aromatherapy oils may be tailored to your unique constitution. Contra-indications include rash, pregnancy, alcohol use, etc. Fill out our intake form, please. Students cover the theory and practice of simple, spa-based fomentation practices, including herbal substances for steam infusion, principles of hydrotherapeutics, indications, contra-indications, constitutional and seasonal influences and much more. Students must schedule their own practice times on the equipment separately from this class. Suggested Student Tuition: $95 Prepaid

Shirodhara Therapy: 6 hrs

SHIRODHARA is an ancient relaxation treatment which involves the continuous pouring of warm oils over the forehead and third eye to effectively relieve stress and restore clarity of mind. The whole body-mind synergy benefits from the medicinal properties of the oils and the deeply meditative state of mind resulting. Many people come to Ayurveda through this classical stress-removal treatment involving a steady stream of warm oil poured continuously over the forehead. Learn the theory and practice of this beneficial treatment. Students must schedule their own practice times with the equipment separately from this class. Suggested Student Tuition: $95 Prepaid

Call (408) 378-2880 or (604) 290-8201 to book the very best in Ayurvedic Spa Therapies Seminars.

These and other spa therapies seminars are available to advanced practitioners on topics such as “Utvartana”, “Pinda Sweda”, “Shirobhyanga” and more.

To reserve your dates, for more information or to tailor a seminar to your group’s level, please call 604-290-8201 (Can.)

What Others Have Said

Turiya Therapy: “Some of the things that came up and what you said to me in the one treatment I had with you still come back to me sometimes. Such deep stuff that I think it has still been unraveling in various ways over the years since that me.”

B.C., Sanskrit teacher

“There are many teachers out there, but few have the knowledge, expertise, competence, kind-heartedness, intuition and compassion which Jaisri herself possesses.”

S.C., Ayurvedic Practitioner

“Very in-depth. I really felt you portrayed the importance of these treatments and healings in a deeply spiritual way.”

E.O.R., Registered Massage Therapist

“The pulse class was very helpful and I feel I am understanding the skill better each time. Thank you very much for offering this study course.”

K.F., Yoga & Lifestyle Counselor

“When Jaisri finished the Turiya Therapy session, my left ear noises from tinnitus started reducing. Three weeks later the noise has stayed reduced to a 25% level from the past. I’m sleeping deeper. Also, my back is adjusting on its own so I don’t need a chiropractor. My stress levels have dropped dramatically because my response to ‘problems’ is now solution-oriented.

When something happens I have no control over, I now accept it and see what other action I can take instead of responding with fear, anger and helplessness. Issues I’ve had with my mother now have a new perspective, and I can empathize and have more compassion for her, that she she did the best she could with what she knew.”

N.C., Professional Psychic

"Jaisri Lambert has a lot of deep spiritual insight. She is a very gifted healer and extremely knowledgeable about the alchemy of Ayurveda."

K.I.R., Composer, Visionary

"Jaisri, your teaching methods are wonderful. You allow the student to find their own interpretation of the material, while being super available to answer questions of all sorts! You are such a wealth of knowledge that gives with a gentle helping hand. The material I find is very absorbable."

J.K., Turiya and Yoga Therapist

“I was very impressed by your ability tocollect information by reading pulses and through orchestrating an investigative yet non invasive dialogue.”

N.W., Yoga Therapist


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