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Jaisri M. Lambert

Jaisri M. Lambert

Jaisri Lambert has been practicing and teaching natural therapies since l983 after her own debilitating migraine headaches kindled her interest in alternative therapies. Her exploration led her first to Polarity Therapy, in which she became certified in 1985. As interest and demand for natural healing classes increased, Jaisri founded the Westcoast Polarity School and later the East-West Polarity School, teaching innovations in Polarity Therapy internationally.

In 1989 she met renowned Ayurvedic physician and author Vaidya Vasant D. Lad, B.A.M.S., MA.Sc. in Victoria, B.C., an event that deeply influenced her life. “Healing is love plus intelligence”, Dr. Lad taught, validating Jaisri’s experience that spirituality and physical life are not separate.

Once her migraine syndrome was understood and managed, Jaisri’s study of the broader, underlying philosophies of Ayurveda began. She also began to observe that as we achieve individual balance, we also realize more increased spiritual harmony and a feeling of the natural, innate unity of life.

During her twelve-year apprenticeship in classical Ayurveda with Vaidya Vasant Lad she learned many hidden secrets of ‘Marma” (trigger point) science. Through studying the ancient roots of anatomy and physiology according to Ayurveda, she has developed a body-based counseling science rooted in the ancient Marma therapies of Ayurveda. This science, Vaidya Lad called ‘Turiya Therapy’, which denotes the transformation of our psycho-emotional causes of disease into spiritual wisdom. Turiya Therapy is based on the innovative work of Jaisri M. Lambert R.P.P., and influenced by Polarity Therapy of Dr. Randolph Stone, D.O., D.C., N.D., whose contribution to the study of energy therapy on whole health cannot be underestimated, and Polarity Therapy's parent science of Ayurvedic medicine.

During her more than twenty-five years of study and practice of Ayurveda, Jaisri has developed a deep knowledge of herbal formulations, individualized wellness programs, bodywork techniques, pulse assessment, Ayurvedic herbology and Panchakarma, which consists of classical Ayurvedic cleansing and rejuvenation therapies.

Jaisri's other important teachers include Dr. T. Sukumaran of Kerala and Dr. Robert E. Svoboda of Texas, both respected and beloved Ayurvedic physicians.

Jaisri has authored numerous articles and training manuals in Ayurveda and Turiya Therapy, and travels internationally to introduce the theory and practice of this ancient wisdom to delighted students of all levels.

Now in her 70s, Jaisri is an innovative healer who has developed new techniques in Energetic Healing and Invisible Anatomy. Her success she feels is due to the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of Ayurvedic medicine throughout history, and to the public’s sincere search, like her own, for holistic health through natural methods. Her gift of teaching Ayurveda at all levels is unique, bringing this knowledge to students internationally. Jaisri is fluently bilingual in French and English.

Read the article 'Ayurveda in View' by Jaisri M. Lambert, Network News, 1996. Please forward the link to your friend or loved one, whom you feel will benefit.

 "I respect the training you did to get yourself through life following your passion, working with Dr Lad on a shoe string budget and raising kids at the same time was amazing. I still remember a few of my stays at your place as you put into practice what you were learning."

A.O., Publisher, Activist

Jaisri, You are still the most amazing healer/helper I've yet met. Thank you! Love you! To the middle path…"

C.K.  Poet

“Jaisri’s work is at the highest calibre, and she ranks amongst the most dedicated, well educated, talented, and compassionate practitioners I have ever met.”

V.S., Medical Doctor

“I am astounded by your in-depth knowledge and application of the medical and allopathic perspectives and how it relates to seeing through ‘Ayurvedic Eyes’. Your engaging dialogue and complete passion for the Vedic sciences draws the student in like a moth to the flame.”

M.P., Yoga Therapist & Ayurvedic Health Educator

"You will always be dear to me Jaisri...I was lucky enough to see authenticity in your practice and form.  From my earliest days of study with Dr. Lad Ji, I had the anchoring of your example.  It has sustained my own determination…"

C.J.  Ayurvedic Consultant and Practitioner


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