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Panchakarma Services and Treatment plus the Post-Panchakarma Program More

Of the five (pancha) actions (karma) of this timely proven and effective restorative process, four may be selected for your program, from: nasal administration (nasya therapy), herbalized enema (basti therapy), laxative therapy (virechan), and therapeutic emesis (vamana therapy).

Often, a mono-diet of kitchari is prepared for you to assist your body in cleansing and strengthening. Other preparatory therapies to help remove toxins from deeper tissues and “float” them to the G.I. tract and skin for elimination may include.

  • Abhyanga (therapeutic oil massage) with one or two practitioners
  • Utvartana therapy (dry herbal massage)
  • Swedana (fomentation or steam therapy)
The treatments mentioned here are generally preceded by home internal oleation, and are followed up by home-rejuvenation measures. “Netra basti” is a classically proven therapy to strengthen the eyes, which may be useful for some. "Shirodhara" is useful for stress management, spiritual awakening and self-realization.
After PK

Follow-up education from Ayurveda Seminars and Consulting supports your on-going health benefits. Your post-panchakarma (rasayana) program will be carefully designed for you to return home with suggestions for maintaining your treatment benefits through dietary and lifestyle measures.

What Others Have Said

“I recently had Panchakarma with Jaisri Lambert. The changes in my health and in my relationship with my body, emotions and health are huge. I have lost 15 pounds since I started working with Jaisri in the middle of January. It is now April 1. Moreover, for the first time I truly like a healthy diet. I can't wait to eat the simple foods and am satisfied with much smaller portions and with 2 meals/day. I don't feel the least deprived. Just the opposite. I would rather eat these natural, healthy meals than go out for "fine" food. And the most important result is that I look and feel about 12 years younger. From now on my vacation money goes to Panchakarma with Jaisri every year. I am sure there are other practitioners of panchakarma—but one would have to search high and low to find another provider of Jaisri's caliber. She works with me every step of the way and is always available for questions or concerns. Working with her has improved my health and looks so much.”

S.M., RN, CCM, BS, MA, CHT, FIR Therapist

“I am a high school teacher from Oakland, Ca. and this summer I spent a week of my summer vacation in beautiful Whister, British Columbia receiving a five day panchakarma treatment under the care of Colleen Fraser and Jaisri Lambert. Both Colleen and Jaisri are fine and dedicated practitioners. They are both experienced and competent in various modalites of healing. Jaisri Lambert has been my Ayurvedic practitioner for the past six years and under her guidance, my health has improved by following the program that she developed for me which includes proper diet, herbs, and exercise. I have had several panchakarma treatments with Jaisri in California and each treatment has resulted in more balance for me in mind, body and spirit.

“This summer I received my panchkarma treatment in Whistler. Colleen Fraser joined Jaisri in administering my panchakarma treatments. I was completely taken care of through the entire cleansing program. The treatment included swedan in a custom-made cedar sweat-box and shirodara in a quiet, private room. I was able to relax deeply in this elegant and tranquil environment.

“My experience has been that I was able to go to a deeper level in my healing process this summer under the loving care of Jaisri and Colleen. The beauty of the surrounding mountains and lakes in Whistler, B.C. enhanced my healing experience and I have come back to California completely rejuvenated and ready to begin another school year.”

M.B., Teacher Specialist

For further information and to book your individualized Panchakarma program dates, please call 604-290-8201 (Can.)


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