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Panchakarma Services

“Panchakarma” refers to the classical cleansing and rejuvenation therapies of Ayurvedic medicine, which have been practiced for thousands of years to effectively improve health by strengthening immunity, removing stress, restoring enthusiasm and slowing the aging process, among many other benefits.

Programs are individually designed to gently and effectively remove toxins from the bodily channels and to help restore digestive power, the basis of metabolic health in Ayurvedic medicine. Programs can be any odd number of days. Most people benefit from a 5-7 day stay, though shorter or longer choices may suit your health status.

Download introductory pdf here:
What is Panchakarma? What Benefits Will I Experience?
by Jaisri Lambert.



Panchakarma in Beautiful B.C.

Panchakarma is the classical cleansing and rejuvenation process of Ayurveda. PK is both curative and preventative. Each program is carefully planned and carried out to suit your individual needs, and must be done at a right time for the unique circumstances. If you feel that you are a suitable candidate for PK, and would like to do a five-day (15 days in all including preparation and follow-up) treatment program, please enquire with me regarding the upcoming PK schedule from May to September. Longer programs may also be available. These opportunities are booked quickly, so it's wise to reserve your place well ahead. $695 per day plus accommodation.

Spring through Fall in B.C. is an ideal time and place to move the doshas back to their optimum sites and functions.

Dates Available:
October 9-13
October 16-18
October 30-November 1
November 6-10
November 13-17

Book early to ensure your schedule of choice!

If you feel that you are a suitable candidate for PK, and would like to do a three-day (nine days in all) or a five-day (15 days in all) program, including preparation and follow-up, please enquire with me regarding the upcoming PK schedule.

These opportunities are booked quickly. It is wise to reserve your place well ahead. Call for availability:
Call 604-290-8201 (Canada)

Investment $755 per day, plus accommodation $45/night, depending on availability.

Panchakarma in India

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Program Details | General Information

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Overview | Description | Details

Prior to PK

It is generally better if you have been following an Ayurvedic lifestyle prior to booking your PK program. Each day’s procedures are designed to support the best interest of your specific health situation. Consult Jaisri prior to booking your PK program to ensure your needs can be met with panchakarma. Prior consultation will help ensure appropriate individualization of your program, including your food program, treatments, yoga and lifestyle measures. PK acts physically, emotionally and spiritually to help purify and restore the body, mind and consciousness.

Pregnancy, menstruation, lactation, active infection, spreading conditions, extreme underweight or overweight, certain cancers, hypertension, angina and congestive cardiac conditions, etc. Call for prior consultation.

What Others Have Said

Your style is so very different! I was again reminded of your wonderful and profound way of healing, full of love and wisdom. I am so appreciative!

S.B., Psychologist

Receiving my Ayurvedic consultation and treatment from Jaisri was such a unique and complete healing experience— quite simply a blessing both rare and most kind. Here with this most gifted of healers is your opportunity to go deep within your own physiology, your emotional body, your spiritual body, and re-set all of that unique complexity on the most fundamental of levels. My deepest thanks and gratitude to Jaisri . . . .

E.M., Administrator, Writer

Great thanks to you for all I received . . . so many blessings of care and Ayurvedic knowledge! You truly are an extraordinary woman and healer!

E.M., Meditator and Administrative Executive

It works! That’s all!

C.L., Writer/Photo Journalist

I’ve gone elsewhere for Ayurveda and panchakarma, but I’d rather do my panchakarma with you than anyone else because of your individualization.

N.T., Yoga Teacher, Artist

Jaisri Lambert has been my Ayurvedic practitioner for the past six years and under her guidance, my health has improved by following the program that she developed for me which includes proper diet, herbs, and exercise. I have had several panchakarma treatments with Jaisri and each treatment has resulted in more balance for me in mind, body and spirit. My experience has been that I was able to go to a deeper level in my healing process…I have come back completely rejuvenated and ready to begin another school year.

M.B., Teacher Specialist

This is heaven! I think I’ll just stay here every day! Thank you so much, Jaisri.

K.J., Retired

"Discover Ayurvedic detox (without the long haul to India)
" by Insiya Rasiwala-Finn. Special feature in the Globe and Mail, October 27, 2014

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