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Individual Turiya Therapy with Jaisri M. Lambert

Are you in trauma recovery?
Are you seeking solutions for chronic disease?
Are you troubled with mental health or stress-related concerns?

Turiya Therapy is safe, empowering and effective for self-realization and self-healing. To arrange your personalized program, please call Jaisri at at 604-290-8201 or e-mail Jaisri (

Packages start at $155/hour + G.S.T. for Canadian Residents

Turiya Theraphy Seminars:

Applied Marma Therapy for Neuroplasticity
Register now for Turiya Therapy in stunning Surrey, BC
March 23 to April 2, 2018

Many of you have requested this class and now is the time to sign up and ensure your place in this unique, intensive program.

Turiya Therapy is a psycho-spiritual body-energy healing science based in Ayurveda, the world’s oldest holistic health system. Learn internal mental balance through simple, safe and profoundly transcendant techniques directly from the developer, Jaisri M. Lambert. Jaisri has evolved these techniques based in the Invisible Anatomy © of Ayurveda over thirty years of clinical practice.

Turiya Therapy brings transformation through realization, engaging stillness as a doorway to mental health. Learn about the importance of marma (energy centres), meridians, chakras (step-down transmitters of consciousness), aura (individualized electro-magnetics and immunity), directional strengths of energy flows and much more.

Register early by contacting Jaisri Lambert at

Opening Cradle 1

Opening Cradle

Opening Cradle 2

2018 Turiya Therapy in Surrey BC

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Link for detailed information about Levels I, II and III

"I am so grateful for your course, your commitment on your path as an example, and your compassionate teaching. It was such a pleasure to have confirmed that naming things, our intuition, skills, pains etc. is an important part of the process. I have performed treatments with the opening series as well as the back routine and chakra balancing quite a lot yesterday and today...with incredible results! So wonderful to see your work reflected in my patients. Turiya indeed! It has beautiful resonance. I feel my eyes opened more deeply to Ayurveda and in general. And the therapeutic dialogue fits so well!"

SAR, Bodywork Healing Therapist

"Thanks for your wonderful course in March. I am using the Turiya Therapy and love working with it. I have taken away so many gems from that weekend."

S. R., Integrative Bodywork Healer

"I took Turiya Therapy in January 2010 with Jaisri Lambert and it changed my entire perspective on life. The depth that Jaisri brings to each subject on Ayurveda & Turiya Therapy is a rare and precious gift. Her teaching style is utterly restorative and profound. She is a true master of this ancient knowledge. Learning from Jaisri also illuminated the importance of learning from a teacher who lives the knowledge & wisdom. Jaisri certainly does and it was an honour to be her student."

N.Z., Business & Immigration Consultant

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