Breakthrough to Self-Empowerment

Online Ayurveda Mentorship Program

A program for new graduates to support your professional Ayurveda practice!

September 6 – October 25 2024

10am – 12pm PDST

Fridays online on Zoom

To be supported by a group of colleagues is such a need I feel, especially because we’re a small community, relatively new to western society.

​When I was coming up in my thirties, I felt such a need for sharing and discussing with colleagues, but they were so few and far between, and the feeling of isolation was real.

Now that more are coming to Ayurveda, we need not feel that pain of that isolation.

​We can at last join together to help one another to develop strong foundations.

​As a senior practitioner now, by God’s grace, I’m inspired to turn to the next generation of practitioners with an open heart of sharing and support, through Ayurveda’s own guidance of the Ashta Vidha Pariksha, the classic eight-fold assessment lens.

Community unity and strength are very important values to me, and I want to do what I can.

“Often I felt adrift in my early practitioner years and would have loved a group anchor.​
Now after nearly 40 years of clinical practice in a Western setting, I feel ready to give with both hands as my mentor Doctor Vasant Lad modelled.
This forum is dedicated to your success as a new practitioner or senior student to uplift and empower your Ayurveda consultations.
This series is for questions & and answers, in-depth discussions, classroom teaching examples, case management guidance, laughter and much more!​Come play with me to discover the secrets, insights and traditional filters for engaging clients toward their health goals.”​
Jaisri Lambert, Ayurveda Doctor (NAMA)


$357 CAD + 5% GST ($375.85 CAD) UNTIL AUG 16 NOON

$437 CAD + 5% GST ($458.85 CAD) AFTER AUG 16 NOON

Canadian Participants please send an E-transfer to [email protected]

10% discount for returning participants, space permitting!

US & International Participants



For more information, please email me at [email protected] or call 604-290-8201

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