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Jaisri M. Lambert, Ayurveda Doctor (NAMA)

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Ayurveda is the knowledge or science of all of life and has been practiced in India since the 10th Century B.C. and has maintained written records for about 3-5,000 years.

Ayurveda is the, therefore, oldest recorded healing science still in existence today, and is inclusive of all sub-sciences, physical and allied metaphysical. It is a complete medical system, comprising prevention and treatment.

Ayurveda is aligned with yoga philosophy towards attunement of body, mind, and consciousness, to maintain health for realizing the spiritual life purpose of one’s unique humanity.

Ayurveda relies on ancient assessment techniques such as pulse reading to help ascertain your individualized health management program.

Ayurveda has been called the ‘Future of Medicine’, due to its cost-effective, local, and universal applications for individual and socially sustainable well-being.

About Jaisri Lambert, Ayurveda Doctor (NAMA)

Jaisri Lambert has been practicing and teaching natural therapies since l983 after her debilitating migraine headaches kindled her interest in alternative therapies. Her exploration led her first to Polarity Therapy, in which she became certified in 1985. As interest and demand for natural healing classes increased, Jaisri founded the Westcoast Polarity School and later the East-West Polarity School, teaching innovations in Polarity Therapy internationally.

In 1989 she met renowned Ayurveda physician and author Vaidya Vasant D. Lad, B.A.M.S., MA.Sc. in Victoria, B.C., an event that deeply influenced her life. “Healing is love plus intelligence”, Doctor Lad taught, validating Jaisri’s experience that spirituality and physical life are not separate.

Once her migraine syndrome was understood and managed, Jaisri’s study of the broader, underlying philosophies of Ayurveda began. She also began to observe that as we achieve individual balance, we also realize more increased spiritual harmony and a feeling of the natural, innate unity of life.

During her twelve-year apprenticeship in classical Ayurveda with Vaidya Vasant Lad, she learned many hidden secrets of ‘Marma” (trigger point) science. Through studying the ancient roots of anatomy and physiology according to Ayurveda, she has developed a body-based counselling science rooted in the ancient Marma therapies of Ayurveda. This science, Vaidya Lad called ‘Turiya Therapy’, denotes the transformation of our psycho-emotional causes of disease into spiritual wisdom. Turiya Therapy is based on the innovative work of Jaisri M. Lambert R.P.P. and influenced by the Polarity Therapy of Doctor. Randolph Stone, D.O., D.C., N.D., whose contribution to the study of energy therapy on whole health cannot be underestimated, and Polarity Therapy’s parent science of Ayurveda medicine.

During her more than 35 years of experience with Ayurveda, Jaisri has developed a deep knowledge of herbal formulations, individualized wellness programs, bodywork techniques, pulse assessment, Ayurveda herbology and Panchakarma, which consists of classical Ayurveda cleansing and rejuvenation therapies.

Jaisri’s other important teachers include Doctor. T. Sukumaran of Kerala and Doctor. Robert E. Svoboda of Texas, both are respected and beloved Ayurveda physicians.

Jaisri has authored numerous articles and training manuals in Ayurveda and Turiya Therapy and travels internationally to introduce the theory and practice of this ancient wisdom to delighted students of all levels.

Now in her 70s, Jaisri is an innovative healer who has developed new techniques in Energetic Healing and Invisible Anatomy. Her success she feels is due to the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of Ayurveda medicine throughout history, and to the public’s sincere search, like her own, for holistic health through natural methods. Her gift of teaching Ayurveda at all levels is unique, bringing this knowledge to students internationally. Jaisri is fluently bilingual in French and English.

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My Journey with Ayurveda

How I Became an Ayurveda Doctor​​

Becoming an Ayurveda Doctor wasn’t an ambition of mine, but by good fortune and ‘digging one well’ of following my passion, I turned around years later and saw that my adult life had led me there, by itself. In 2017, the degree was conferred on me by the National Ayurveda Medical Association, culminating some 35 years of study.

Of course, I had to learn many new skills along the way, such as contract writing for engaging with seminar sponsors, heart-centred marketing for filling events, client satisfaction skills for ensuring enduring relationships and delegating tasks where my skills are weak, such as administration, accounting, social media, etc.

Ayurveda is the ancient science of life, which has been practiced in India for over 10,000 years, and written down for an estimated 5,000 years. Ayurveda is the oldest recorded healing science still existing today and connects to yoga philosophy and the harmonization of body, mind, and consciousness.

In 1965, after graduating high school in Vancouver, BC, I moved to France to pursue education in classic studies at the University of Paris, the Sorbonne. Becoming bilingual helped open learning pathways to bring a life-long appreciation of how language informs and expresses belief systems, lifestyle practices, and so much more.

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