Jaisri Lambert has been practicing and teaching natural therapies since l983 after her debilitating migraine headaches kindled her interest in alternative therapies. Her exploration led her first to Polarity Therapy, in which she became certified in 1985. As interest and demand for natural healing classes increased, Jaisri founded the Westcoast Polarity School and later the East-West Polarity School, teaching innovations in Polarity Therapy internationally.

In 1989 she met renowned Ayurveda physician and author Vaidya Vasant D. Lad, B.A.M.S., MA.Sc. in Victoria, B.C., an event that deeply influenced her life. “Healing is love plus intelligence”, Doctor Lad taught, validating Jaisri’s experience that spirituality and physical life are not separate.

Once her migraine syndrome was understood and managed, Jaisri’s study of the broader, underlying philosophies of Ayurveda began. She also began to observe that as we achieve individual balance, we also realize more increased spiritual harmony and a feeling of the natural, innate unity of life.

During her twelve-year apprenticeship in classical Ayurveda with Vaidya Vasant Lad, she learned many hidden secrets of ‘Marma” (trigger point) science. Through studying the ancient roots of anatomy and physiology according to Ayurveda, she has developed a body-based counselling science rooted in the ancient Marma therapies of Ayurveda. This science, Vaidya Lad called ‘Turiya Therapy’, denotes the transformation of our psycho-emotional causes of disease into spiritual wisdom. Turiya Therapy is based on the innovative work of Jaisri M. Lambert R.P.P. and influenced by the Polarity Therapy of Doctor. Randolph Stone, D.O., D.C., N.D., whose contribution to the study of energy therapy on whole health cannot be underestimated, and Polarity Therapy’s parent science of Ayurveda medicine.

During her more than 35 years of experience with Ayurveda, Jaisri has developed a deep knowledge of herbal formulations, individualized wellness programs, bodywork techniques, pulse assessment, Ayurveda herbology and Panchakarma, which consists of classical Ayurveda cleansing and rejuvenation therapies.

Jaisri’s other important teachers include Doctor. T. Sukumaran of Kerala and Doctor. Robert E. Svoboda of Texas, both are respected and beloved Ayurveda physicians.

Jaisri has authored numerous articles and training manuals in Ayurveda and Turiya Therapy and travels internationally to introduce the theory and practice of this ancient wisdom to delighted students of all levels.

Now in her 70s, Jaisri is an innovative healer who has developed new techniques in Energetic Healing and Invisible Anatomy. Her success she feels is due to the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of Ayurveda medicine throughout history, and to the public’s sincere search, like her own, for holistic health through natural methods. Her gift of teaching Ayurveda at all levels is unique, bringing this knowledge to students internationally. Jaisri is fluently bilingual in French and English.

My Journey with Ayurveda

How I Became an Ayurveda Doctor​​

Becoming an Ayurveda Doctor wasn’t an ambition of mine, but by good fortune and ‘digging one well’ of following my passion, I turned around years later and saw that my adult life had led me there, by itself. In 2017, the degree was conferred on me by the National Ayurveda Medical Association, culminating some 35 years of study.

Of course, I had to learn many new skills along the way, such as contract writing for engaging with seminar sponsors, heart-centred marketing for filling events, client satisfaction skills for ensuring enduring relationships and delegating tasks where my skills are weak, such as administration, accounting, social media, etc.
Ayurveda is the ancient science of life, which has been practiced in India for over 10,000 years, and written down for an estimated 5,000 years. Ayurveda is the oldest recorded healing science still existing today and connects to yoga philosophy and the harmonization of body, mind, and consciousness.
In 1965, after graduating high school in Vancouver, BC, I moved to France to pursue education in classic studies at the University of Paris, the Sorbonne. Becoming bilingual helped open learning pathways to bring a life-long appreciation of how language informs and expresses belief systems, lifestyle practices, and so much more.

After living and learning in Paris from age 17-20, I returned home to Vancouver. My son was born in 1967 and my daughter in 1973, shifting my focus of attention to their childhood needs. Following a genetic pattern and not having stress-management skills, I developed hormonally-related migraine headaches. The debilitation led me to search for effective solutions.

By the 1970s, I had begun my studies in natural healing, eventually becoming a self-taught herbalist and nutritionist, mainly out of the necessity of raising my two children and developing an aversion to pharmaceutical ‘solutions’ as the only options. Later, I enrolled in Polarity Therapy training, a hands-on healing science based on ancient Ayurveda, completely unknown to me at the time.

Soon after graduating, I began offering hands-on healing sessions professionally in my home office in Vancouver, B.C. and found that somehow my weekend teaching seminars were always filled. At that time, the phone was the medium of communication, long before the internet of today.

Word-of-mouth ‘phone trees’ and fliers posted at libraries and health food store bulletin boards, were our methods of enrolling interested people in the events. Fortunately, in our vegetarian, health-oriented community, there was high interest in the topic of hands-on healing sessions, for building awareness of unresolved emotional patterns and issues of the past. We were discovering meditation, spirituality, and ourselves!

Polarity Therapy practice led me to develop a keen interest in its parent science of Ayurveda, the world’s oldest holistic health tradition. I was at a time of needing to heal two failed relationships with the fathers of my son and daughter and gain deeper insights into forgiveness of all wrongs, real and imagined. It was a time to introspect and discover that all is within the inner stillness.

I needed to apply the knowledge of chakras, meridians and marma points (Ayurveda vital life points) with breath awareness and postural alignment, to develop a deeper emotional intelligence about life as a gift, and that purpose relates to service.

It was a time of an entire discovery of anatomy and physiology, from what I’d learned from my study of Western health sciences and took me into what I came to call the Invisible Anatomy™ of the inner spiritual journey.

At last, I had insights into rising above old karmas and co-creating or re-birthing a new self-identification. The inner and outer creation of five elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth, was unfolding its truths, as it had for countless generations before me.

As the learning progressed, so did the depth of commitment and inner calm. I saw that healing techniques are ancient, and even today we’re able to revive the hidden secrets of Ayurveda, still available to the seeker. Then later with the time and grace of the guru, I somehow became a ‘memory keeper’ of timeless knowledge, too.

Over the next forty years or so, based on continuous clinical dedication and ongoing study, I became blessed to innovate healing techniques into an evolution called by my teacher, Doctor. Lad, ‘Turiya Therapy’, meaning the transcendent state of self-realization, existing within everyone, allowing evolutions of consciousness within the stillness of body and mind.

Ayurveda is the sacred holistic understanding of human-balanced living, practiced throughout history by seers of old, whose vision was said to be subtle and sophisticated.

I feel my success is due to primarily to my mentor’s skillful transference of the classical theory and practice of Ayurveda assessment through pulse reading and related techniques, and to the public’s sincere search, like my own, for holistic health through natural methods.

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Earlier Adult Life

Fluency in French opened professional doors in teaching, broadcasting, and government service. I became a French teacher, public affairs broadcaster, and administrator to help support myself as a single mother with two growing children, especially as they came to school age.

From my teens, I experienced debilitating migraine headaches, and finally in my twenties began researching the possible causes of the intense pain. Allopathic medicine could neither explain nor treat my condition effectively. Drugs prescribed not only did not work but also had intolerable side effects.

Many people come to natural therapy only after modern methods fail. I discovered the side effects must be corrected before the now long-standing problem could be rectified. I realized that natural healing is slow but effective. It took many years to understand my psychophysiology from a classical perspective.

I came to feel that education and understanding held the answers to my search. Now, individual consultations, group seminars, and the new online programs empower people to access ancient principles of wellness from Ayurveda for daily living, at home in one’s environment.

The discovery that Ayurveda is for all humanity, not just one nation or group, changed my life perspective. Though it is a very sophisticated and subtle science, simple and effective ways of self-healing can be easily applied in our modern, now stressful lives.

A skill I had to learn was how to distill complex and inclusive science into individual, practical tools for meeting the immediate need at hand. As a young mother in my twenties, I began studying naturopathy and herbology to manage my own family’s health. I became a vegetarian after studying the food industry and began participating in food coops.

Ayurveda does not specifically prescribe vegetarianism but does describe the qualities (e.g., thick, light, astringent, etc.) of food substances. Thus, we can distinguish between foods that are suitably health-building for everyone such as fresh, pure foods, and how to avoid ‘slow poisons’ such as stale items, improperly combined foods, plastic-packaged foods, or those not suited to one’s constitution, weather conditions, age factors, etc.

Ayurveda dietetic science revealed itself through my principal teacher, Doctor. Lad, as most logical, beyond fads, and has stood the test of time. The basic, simple pharmacological principles of the ‘Shad Rasa’ or Six Taste Science of the effects of sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent flavours unfolded through day-to-day experience.
This universal and inclusive concept was much beyond the isolated sciences of vitamins and minerals I had learned prior. I began to understand that for satisfying nutrition towards healthy living, all six tastes are needed daily, adjusted seasonally, in taken in suitable combinations and permutations for everyone. Freshly prepared foods impart prana, the life force itself, while de-natured items impart less or no prana to the person.

Prevention is of course more cost-effective than treatment. Ayurveda looks at each person as unique and helps us to understand imbalances and learn to restore our innate constitutional balance, according to cellular wisdom and a natural momentum toward sustainability of life, individually and collectively.
Ayurveda conveys a convergence of science, art and practicality, and was completely absent in my world of Canada Food Rules, and like messaging from my cultural, educational and public access. You can imagine my uplift and new choices!

In my thirties, as the children grew older, I began taking every possible seminar and workshop on health, including Polarity Therapy, the science of touch healing from Ayurveda Marma, meridian and chakra sciences.
It began an exploration of many bodywork techniques and schools of thought for hands-on healing such as Rolfing, Shiatsu, Ortho-Bionomy, Trager, Feldenkrais, etc., and many practices such as 20/20 Beyond Vision, Groff Breathwork, Applied Educational Kinesiology, etc.

The works of Sondra Ray, Barbara Brennan, Randolph Stone, and Louise Hay conveyed insights into the mind/body direct relationship and brought an awareness of the subtle intimacy of cause and effect on our Light Body and the link between breath awareness and our psychobiology. The experience of wholeness, oneness, indivisibility and belonging to the unified field somehow came to me by grace, much to my joy and reassurance.

Ancient Ayurveda had taught about Prana from time immemorial and summarized these modern ‘discoveries’ while revealing that the pure science of Ayurveda is alive and accessible now, as always. Ayurveda is a timeless science, whose principles have remained unchanged since the beginning. Only context changes with time. Ayurveda is for all humanity and all life. Such discoveries restored my enthusiasm and celebration of life.

During those years, I wrote, “The knowledge of classical meridians and trigger points is beneficial in alleviating pain conditions, and I go further to acknowledge the psycho-spiritual aspects of health and disease. For example, I have observed that those with chronic fatigue may not be in alignment with their life purpose, digestive needs, and even simple sleep”.

Psycho-emotional causes are not separate from the outward symptoms, but by careful consideration of individual misunderstandings behind the ‘evidence’, these subtle root influences are seen and realized. By addressing the symptoms and the root causes together, understanding becomes more comprehensive and more lasting healing is possible.”

Continuing Ongoing Natural Health Care Education Experienced in the Maturing Years

After becoming certified in Polarity Therapy in 1985, demand for hands-on healing classes began to increase. The Westcoast Polarity School and later the East-West Polarity School became the frameworks for travelling and teaching Polarity Therapy, as founded by Doctor. Randolph Stone, D.O., D.C., N.D.
My then teenage daughter, when asked for a description of her experience of hands-on healing from Ayurveda, proclaimed, ‘It works, that’s all!
I felt one day I would continue Doctor. Stone’s innovative, but incomplete, contribution to understanding the effects of Pranic energy on our whole health. Doctor. Stone did not include an in-depth understanding of Ayurveda medicine, or its Sanskrit language of origin.

In 1988, my teacher of Ayurveda, Vaidya Vasant D. Lad, M.A.Sc., came on a tour to Victoria, B.C. an event that deeply influenced my life. Now, the unfolding of the world’s oldest and still most comprehensive holistic healthcare science has begun. “Healing is love plus intelligence”, Doctor. Lad taught. Intuitively, I had always known that spirituality and physical life are not separate.

Along the way, I learned that self-evidence is a valid method of conclusion according to Vedanta, one of the important philosophical schools of thought influencing the evolution and development of Ayurveda, the world’s oldest holistic medical science, which has been continuously practiced and is still extant today.

At last, in my thirties, the migraine syndrome became understood and managed; the study of the broader philosophies of Ayurveda began, as well as the Vedic culture of its origin, which emphasized that human and divine experiences are one and that as we achieve balance individually, we also arrive at more harmony with the divine, a state of unity and integration that feels natural.

“Happiness is a symptom of health in Ayurveda. We cannot exclude spiritual considerations from a health program. The emphasis is on individual lifestyle and constitutional balance. We can learn much today from ancient texts, specifically drugless therapies, modalities, and treatments”, I wrote as a developing student.
As time unfolded, I saw that the coming light and sound therapies would surpass the technologies of today, while reducing harm and increasing the efficacy of diagnostics and treatment. Light and sound are the two primordial essences of human existence, indeed existence. The healing arts of tomorrow are the very healing arts of history, now engaged in modern times for modern concerns.

With this background in holistic studies, I still see people today, presenting with a variety of complaints such as chronic spinal stress, headaches, fatigue, arthritis, depression, ‘auto-immunity’, digestive and hormonal disorders, sleeplessness, and many more unusual complaints.

​Turiya Therapy Development

Gradually developed throughout my practice, a science of body-based counselling rooted in the philosophy and trigger point (“Marma”) science of Ayurveda, named ‘Turiya Therapy’ by my mentor, Doctor. Lad. He chose the name to denote the power of stillness for transcending the root causes of disease in the psycho-spiritual matrix, to naturally rise above the unresolved emotional factors into a clear mind state of auto-realization.

Touch therapy is one important bridge for re-establishing our mind-body relationships. Natural methods of breath awareness, stretching, dietary science, herbal supplements, meditation, massage, bodywork and Panchakarma (classical healing programs) are more gentle, free of side effects, and empowering to the individual to promote natural cleansing and rejuvenation. Most importantly perhaps, these time-honoured measures are most helpful in regaining one’s health, according to the law of cause and effect.

During more than twelve years of direct study and practice of Ayurveda with Doctor. Lad, which continues to this day, I gradually developed a deep knowledge of Pulse Assessment, individualized herbal formulations, wellness programs, classical bodywork techniques and counselling.

I do feel blessed to teach Ayurveda at all levels, and delighted students somehow continue to come. I’m still fluently bilingual in both French and English.

Role of the National Ayurveda Medical Association (NAMA)

Living in the San Jose, CA area in the nineties, the need became evident for a national organization to help transition Ayurveda from India to the United States. I was invited with four others to volunteer to come together and co-create the National Ayurveda Medical Association as a professional association to represent the interests of practitioners and establish Ayurveda as a bona fide and complete medical system.

My natural committee affinity at the time was the standards of practice. I advocated for equivalent to the Indian B.A.M.S. standards, and still do at present, and espoused the need for international standards, now set by the Indian A.Y.U.S.H. Ministry some twenty+ years later.

With my extensive experience with non-profit organizations in Canada (my parents had modelled volunteerism at every phase of my young life), helped with the actual administrative work to co-create such an organization on a federal level. Being a founding member, I had no idea about the momentum that membership would take in the US, and though I left the organization’s leadership, I remain a faithful member.

In 2017, I was encouraged to apply for grandfathering of the Ayurveda Doctor designation. With much help from Jolynne Flores, Membership Coordinator, and Doctor. Ramkumar & Geetha Mohandas in India, I was able to qualify and continue to serve NAMA as a volunteer member, from time to time.

Non-Profit Phase

Coming to my late sixties, my focus of attention shifted from livelihood, which had by necessity dominated my daily single-parent family life since my twenties, I began to withdraw from the daily clinical practice of hands-on healing and grew to give more attention to educating the next generation of healers.

Now in my mid-seventies, I’m continuing to learn and grow with Ayurveda in Canada and abroad, seeing her dynamic and profound gifts, for all who seek to be blessed by her shower.

In 2017, the Canada Ayurveda Research and Education Foundation came into being as a federally registered non-profit corporation.

Currently, work is focused on four important inaugural projects as follows:​

  • To develop an Ayurveda Elder Home Care-Aide Training Program in BC
  • To complete the Multiple Sclerosis & Ayurveda Self-Care Program Manual
  • To create an internet Portal for Ayurveda Research Worldwide for Canadian physicians
  • To co-create a Compilation and Reference of Local Indigenous medicinal plants according to the classifications of traditional Ayurveda herbal science

For individual health consultation appointments, regarding individual presentation topics for your group, or to contribute to the C.A.R.E. Foundation, please contact me at

+1 604-290-8201 (Canada)

9 am to 5 pm Mon. to Fri., Pacific Time

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